One Journey, One Mission
Filmed in 9 countries and 5 states, Oct. 28 premiere at Taipei Arena! 
''You must go on a mission for your country once in your life.''
Taiwan isn’t moving forward, its economic in decline, politicians doing nothing, education disappointing its people and media lacking international visions. 
The youngsters of Taiwan are angry and anxious for a change, and we want to make it happen. 
Not just a documentary, but a movement.
On the 28th of October 2015, ‘’One Journey, One Mission ‘’ will premiere at Taipei Arena. From 30th of October, you can watch it in over 20 cinemas all over Taiwan. 
This film records the journey of 6 young Taiwanese. With blood, sweat, tears and laughters, their true colors are revealed to you with the vivid scenes. From solving one’s existential crisis in Paris to finding the origin of life in Madagascar, this film will show you just what all Taiwanese youth are now striving for. 
Every Taiwanese is the star of this Film.
‘’I want this documentary to make viewers think, figure out where they will find motivation for the next chapter of their lives. So when you look back in your old age, your whole life wasn’t just taking the same route to clock in and out of a job everyday.’’ Director Lin Cheng-Sheng said.
The six travelers in the film aren’t the most outstanding or the most expressive, but they represent this generation’s young Taiwanese. Watch them, and you will see the future of Taiwan. 

Paris traveler with Asperger painting Arc de Triumph at night.

Holland traveler with Dutch blood standing next to "Girl With A Pearl Earring" painting. 

Madagascar traveler with a chameleon, looking towards the future while looking back at the past. 

Fiji traveler crossing the river to bring books to local school.

Japan traveler learning about the repopulation of sea turtle.
Malawi traveler getting to the disadvantaged area.


W.Island Organization


Since 2011, W.Island Organization has held a youth non-profit project called “W.Island, Traveling with a Mission”. Every year, we invite more than a hundred Taiwanese professionals to propose solutions for major social issues in Taiwan. More than 100 outstanding youths ranging from 20-26 years old, are selected to travel to 100 and more countries, performing “Traveling with a Mission”, to solve the problems we will face in next 20 years.


This year (2015), 250 selected travellers are visiting 50 world leaders including celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malalah Yusafzay, founder of Cirque du Soleil. In October, a documentary directed by Best Director winner of Berlin film festival and Canne film festival Lin Cheng-sheng, which features the youths’ journey across 10 different countries, will air in the theaters. This documentary will be a critical representation of Taiwan on an international level.


“W.Island, Traveling with a Mission” hopes to gather positive energy from youth and leaders, bringing new light to the society with willpower and action. It is a place where talents are found and cultivated, in order to become a platform for social reform.


W.Island, Traveling with a Mission:

The fourth annual W.Island challenges our youth by putting forward the extraordinary mission of visiting 50 leaders across the world. By combining our efforts, we can help Taiwan youth walk out of their comfort zone and shine on the international platform.  



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